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I have to create things. Creating is almost all I think about. I'm driven to create magical works of art filled with glowing colors and sparkling gems that create images of wonder that fill me with peace. I love the physical process of creation. I enjoy challenging myself with new materials and new techniques, combining them into novel works of art unlike any I have seen before. Since meeting my husband, I have been inspired to create images of couples. These romantic images have achieved their highest expression in my sanded style of paintings. These dynamic pieces are created by a unique process that combines many layers of representational art into a single abstract image whose dimensional interest is heightened by innovative, terraced framing.

The sanded technique involves painting variations of the same image many time with thick coats of paint in many colors and textures. After it is allowed to dry for a few weeks, I heavily sand the painting. Pressboard is an ideal canvas because it can withstand the power sanding and it resists warping. Once the painting is as smooth as glass, I apply highlights, shadows and a clearcoat to enhance its colors. For each painting, I build a unique frame suited to the subject matter.

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